• Knack Systems helps businesses achieve the goals of rapid and cost-effective transformation and optimization leveraging the best practices offered by the SAP suite of solutions. Building on our core capabilities in Order-To-Cash and supply chain, today we bring together our knowledge of business processes across multiple industries and in-depth understanding of the functionality offered by the SAP solutions to demo, evaluate, upgrade, implement and manage the SAP ECC and extended SAP suite of products and applications for our customers.


    With a service portfolio, that offers either a dedicated or a shared service model, companies can optimize and extend SAP systems leveraging Knack Systems’ skills and services across the project life-cycle. To meet the needs of mid-size to large customers, Knack Systems brings both a rapid deployment as well as the standard ASAP methodology approach to align with the project objectives. In addition, a ‘pay as you use’ model gives customers much better control over their SAP management costs.

    Knack Systems’ core SAP services include the following

    • SAP Upgrade:
      Stay up to date with the latest functionality and technology through Knack Systems’ SAP upgrade services spanning upgrades to SAP ECC 6.0 and Unicode Conversion (UC)
    • Custom Development:
      Maximize the value of your investments and meet specific business goals with custom developed solutions on your existing SAP platforms
    • Implementation:
      Get high quality SAP implementation roll-outs on-time, within budgets, and across geographies with Knack Systems’ proven rollout and implementation methodology
    • SAP Support and Maintenance:
      Shared services support lets you leverage a global delivery model that helps to maintain and enhance SAP applications by optimizing delivery time, quality, and cost

  • Organizations today more than ever are trying to find out where their prospects and customers are; what are their buying patterns or what are they saying – good, bad or neutral – about them. Organizations are then trying to create various personalized and dynamic marketing programs to engage these prospects.

    They are trying to get a 3600 view of their prospects and customers and then providing a consistent engagement across all the channels – be it the web, retail, mobile, social or the direct channel. An understanding of the impact that business practices have on customer acquisition and retention is imperative for companies to stride ahead and achieve success. By helping organizations understand, engage and delight their customers better by leveraging SAP CRM, Knack Systems helps position them as leaders in a dynamic business scenario where change is the name of the game.


    An association with SAP CRM right since its inception has seen Knack Systems emerge as one of the world’s leading SAP CRM services provider with expertise in leveraging innovative methodologies and toolkits, experienced consulting teams, and global delivery models.

    In addition to our experienced team members, Knack Systems is also set apart by its Center of Excellence (CoE) for POCs, Prototyping, Training, and R&D, where experienced CRM Consultants create new tools and accelerators for SAP CRM. The Rapid Upgrade Framework for SAP CRM and SAP CRM Test Drive Program, SAP CRM extension into Marketo, SilverPop, ExactTarget for marketing automation are examples of indigenous solutions created to help organizations minimize their overall cost of ownership of the SAP CRM solution. Knack Systems also has strong partnerships with Marketo, StrongView, and CoreMedia for extending the SAP CRM solution.

    Companies working with Knack Systems benefits in many ways including:

    • Partner with experience in sales, service, and marketing
    • Expertise of one of SAP’s Co-Innovation, Testing and Services partner
    • Pre-Configured ‘Rapid Deployment’ SAP CRM solution for sales, service and marketing
    • Benefits of a well developed Center of Excellence (CoE) and customer oriented initiatives
    • Established global delivery management model that allows risk management and better return on investment
    • Domain expertise in customer relationship across multiple industry
    • Application of best practices for accelerated SAP CRM implementation

    Knack Systems’ CRM Services include the following:

    • SAP CRM implementation including design, development and deployment across key functional areas like SAP CRM sales, service, and marketing, call center, e-commerce, partner channel, mobile and field service.
    • SAP CRM upgrades
    • SAP CRM localization and global rolls-outs
    • SAP CRM shared service or dedicated application support
    • SAP CRM custom development

  • Owing to the growth in retail customer base, trade promotion spend in the consumer products industry now represents more than 50% of the overall marketing spend.

    It has become a strategic imperative to use trade funds wisely. But with the lack of integrated transaction and spend management systems that give comprehensive insights and predictions for past and future promotions respectively, managing the sales process gets challenging. The net result is ineffective promotions, and dissatisfied consumers who are unaware of available promotions.

    With SAP TPM, Knack Systems helps consumer goods companies address these challenges via an integrated suite of solutions that enables coordinated and integrated business planning for the sales people as well as the internal departments the coordinate with viz. marketing, supply chain and finance.


    SAP TPM addresses the following basic questions with ease to make integrated business planning possible.

    • How are the funds being spent?
    • What is the most effective use of the funds?
    • What is the uplift from a trade promotion?
    • Which customers perform the best?
    • What is the return on investment?
    • Which programs provide the most value?


    • Matured Center of Excellence(CoE) for SAP TPM leveraged to develop prototype, business case and training our internal workforce
    • Experienced SAP TPM consultants and overall integrated business planning experience with SAP ECC, BI/BPS and SAP CRM
    • Our unique ‘Mini-Package’ approach to SAP TPM implementation
    • Cost effective global delivery model
    • Implementation of SAP TPM best practices evolved over years of experience
    • Use of tried and tested templates, tools and functionalities
    • Reduced total cost of ownership and faster return on investment(ROI)
    • Well developed CoE for SAP TPM

    Knack Systems’ TPM services include the following :

    With SAP TPM implementation and support services from Knack Systems, you can strategize, identify, plan, and evaluate trade promotions in a focused, precise, consistent manner to boost sales volumes and profits.

    With an experience of over six years with SAP TPM, and an extensive knowledge of SAP TPM versions 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0., Knack Systems’ capabilities span the following services:

    • TPM solution evaluation
    • SAP TPM Test Drive Program
    • SAP TPM Demo and Prototype services
    • SAP TPM Rapid Deployment solution
    • SAP TPM Implementation services
    • SAP TPM Enhancement and Application Support Services

  • MDF or Market Development Funds are monetary assistance provided by manufacturers (brand owners) to help a partner/reseller/distributor to market the manufacturer’s brand. MDF funds are disbursed based on the execution of mutually agreed to marketing activities by the indirect sales partner.

    Knack Systems’ practice for MDF solutions and services help to manage and allocate funds to partners better, provide partners a self-service for requesting and claiming funds, and ensure legal compliance of funding practices.

    An effective MDF solution lets customers target funds for demand generation activities that increase sales and generate leads and business opportunities. It also helps improved transparency for planning the funds and settling claims. Combining insights from integrated business planning software like SAP CRM, SAP TPM, and others along with MDF services is the right step ahead in ensuring an extended marketing reach by supporting the right channel partners to carry out the right activities.

    During a SAP CRM – MDF implementation project following features can be deployed and enabled:

    • Managing MDF funds, programs and budgets
    • Accrual settings
    • Managing MDF programs with channel partners
    • MDF claims
    • Funds Management
    • Financial accrual management
    • Claim settlement
    • Integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP – payout and controlling

    Knack Systems SAP CRM-MDF Services are as follows:

    • SAP CRM-MDF Demo and Prototype services
    • SAP CRM-MDF Implementation services
    • SAP CRM-MDF Enhancement and Application Support Services
    • Conduct workshops and Blueprinting
    • Business requirement documentation
    • Migration Strategy and migration related development
    • Enhancements and customization support
    • Comprehensive end user training

  • Marketing is a function that is critical to success. Knack Systems’ practice for SAP MRM (Marketing Resource Management) solution allows companies to efficiently plan and manage marketing efforts to achieve organizational goals and objectives, as directed by their integrated business planning.


    Knack Systems’ experience with SAP CRM Marketing is enhanced by its ‘Co-Innovation’ partnership with SAP. An investment in the COE for MRM helps customers to make relevant decisions across the value chain, for an early project adoption. The MRM solution gives a holistic and complete view of the marketing functions in the areas of planning, spend management, analysis and operations.

    • Automate and helps streamline key marketing processes
    • Manage marketing activities more effectively using a common platform across brands and regions
    • Helps to gain visibility into the performance and spending of marketing activities across the business
    • Optimize marketing investments based on the insights to past performance
    • Global marketing spend can be aligned with corporate goals

    Knack Systems’ SAP MRM Services include the following:

    • SAP CRM-MRM solution evaluation
    • SAP CRM-MRM Test Drive Program
    • SAP CRM-MRM Demo and Prototype services
    • SAP CRM-MRM Implementation services
    • SAP CRM-MRM Enhancement and Application Support Services

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions enable collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination across the organization’s value chain and ensure efficient and effective performance in a constantly changing business environment.

    SCM is an indispensable aspect of integrated business planning and SCM solutions combine technological advances with the expertise of professionals experienced in warehouse management, transportation planning, etc. to ease the following supply chain bottlenecks.

    • High logistics handling and freight cost
    • Inaccurate and delayed customer shipments resulting in loss of revenue
    • Variable order quantities forcing loose and case picks in warehouse
    • Traceability of shipped goods
    • Handling issues with inventory management and service level
    • Excessively long order-related cycle times
    • Inability to have on-time and complete customer order fulfillment


    • Improved on-time and complete customer order fulfillment
    • Reduction in replenishment order cycle time
    • Reductions in inventory, including an increase in turns per month for finished goods inventory
    • Reduction in forecast error
    • Enhanced customer service

    Knack Systems’ services for SCM include the following:

    • Extensive experience in implementing the complete life cycle of the SAP SCM application
    • Consultants with over ten years of experience in providing logistics solutions to Fortune 1000 companies
    • Expertise in warehouse management including handling unit management and latest SAP offerings in the area of SCM extended warehouse management
    • Expertise in interfacing SAP WM with automated picking systems like pick light and A-Frame systems
    • Highly experienced team of consultants specializing in interfacing SAP WM with sortation and conveyor systems
    • Expertise in SAP R/3 Transportation Management System (TMS) and interfacing SAP with third party transportation management systems
    • Highly experienced and cost effective global delivery model
    • Numerous client references in US, Europe and Asia
    • Well developed Center of Excellence (COE) for R&D and better CRM services

  • The SAP Business Communication Management (BCM) is designed to be a contact center solution that helps organizations to rapidly reach performance, quality, and cost targets; especially in distributed operations. Knack Systems highly recommends organizations evaluating CTI solutions, to consider SAP BCM as a comprehensive solution that meets all functional requirements. SAP BCM comes with additional benefits that include stability, low cost of implementation, availability of service support, and the reduced risk of integration with the interaction center of SAP CRM.

    Knack Systems has an extensive experience in CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) projects with SAP CRM as well as non-SAP products. Knack Systems has always focused on early adoption of new technological advances, and this strategy holds true for the SAP BCM solution as well.

    Some of the key SAP BCM features are as follows:

    • Multi tenancy support
    • Web service based interface to BCM online statistics (OMI – Online Monitoring Interface). This helps to create a customized real time view, even in third party applications.
    • .Net based client side integration interface, to create customized soft phones
    • Web service based interface to contact control or event data. This enables BCM to integrate third party applications with BCM soft phones as well as include chat channel events and presence data information to Online Integration Interface messaging
    • HTTPS interface for SMS messages; that enables customers to integrate BCM with operator SMS gateway

    Knack Systems’ BCM Services include the following:

    • SAP BCM solution evaluation
    • SAP BCM Test Drive Program
    • SAP BCM Demo and Prototype services
    • SAP BCM Implementation services
    • SAP BCM Enhancement and Application Support Services

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